Flower Pod Testimonials

Kate, just to say how much I’m relishing the course. I have found a huge enthusiasm for the business side of things that I didn’t think I’d ever have in the months of Sunday. Your course is so, so valuable and I actually don’t want it to end!!


Would just like to say how much I’m enjoying the Flower Pod; it’s challenging and I’m behind with homework - life gets in the way - but I’m thinking about it all the time, learning so much, gaining a clearer idea and focus of the direction of where Tangle and Wild may go and telling absolutely all my florist friends (and my non florist friends too!) how amazing you are, how incredibly supportive and nurturing you are, soo generous in the knowledge and experience that you share so abundantly; like a sprinkling of fairy dust making anything seem possible and we’re only a third of the way through the programme! So, massive thank you from me

Maria – Tangle and Wild

So sad we’re almost finished. But I honestly can’t believe the change in myself and in my business since I started this process – I’m in a completely different place mentally and my business is too! It has been the most incredible experience thanks to Kate and I feel so lucky to have shared it with a bunch of such lovely ladies too!

Caroline - Haycroft Floral

I’ve absolutely loved the community, the expertise, having full access to all your awesome skills and the self-belief work. Truly brilliant Kate – thank you so much xx

Abbie – Gullick and Fell

Just wanted to pop on and say the biggest thank you for all your support in the run up to the wedding with all my questions. I’ve just placed my flower order with Hoek and whilst I’m feeling nervous (spending £1500 on flowers felt like a shock,) I’m really hoping it’ll be gorgeous come Sunday! Thanks for all your tips, tricks and words of wisdom. Cannot thank you enough for all your advice! Thank you so so much. I’m over the moon with how it went. It was the most incredible day, but your “To Buy” sheet really helped me with planning – Thanks Kate.

Vic - Dallas and Wild

Had the most incredible time, so worthwhile. Has been wonderful meeting fellow florists, the advice from experts and insider knowledge from yourself Kate has been truly invaluable. Thank you xx

Kerry – Florence and Hope Studio

I’ll be honest, I was on the fence and was still very much finding my feet and I didn’t know if I’d have the time to invest, but I’m so glad I did. Here’s why – I could play back the sessions when I couldn’t make them, Kate was available when I needed a virtual hug or to chat things through, and to be honest I think we just don’t invest enough time in ourselves. The programme has always been upbeat and positive, especially when those doubt demons creep in. Biggest takeaway. – too many to name! It’s really been invaluable as a chapter one to my floristry journey.

Catrin - Stella Blooms